Welcome To ABC Academy of CS

Courses We Offer


ABC offers a COMPREHENSIVE and INTEGRATED PREPARATION Module that covers all your Papers in such a way that Prelims, Mains and Interview are cumulatively covered.


Since ABC is an organization that has evolved from inspiration and efforts of IAS Faculties of New Delhi , So UPSC is its Speciality.


ABC Combined Courses covers mostly all Exams except Banking and Civil Services. Just one thing to say if ABC is taking COMBINED classes it means that it has something very unique to offer than any others .


History is a dialogue between the Past and the Present " in other words , We look at the past to see the future. Our Teaching techniques are so innovative that a Single class in ABC can make you believe in what we promise to deliver .

Competitive Math

ABC Maths Classes are taken by Faculties with High Analytical intelligences. This makes Problem solving like a Cake walk.

Competitive English

Every Class of English is so Scientifically and Rationally designed that it will help you Develop a strong base in Grammer , Highly focusing on Writing Skill Development , CSAT Comprehension and Etc.

Exam Cell

It is the HEART OF ABC , all the efforts of courses are put to test here. We use State of the Art Scale Professional Expertise here. The Exam Cell is Conducted by most experienced faculties and runs on Adhoc basis few months before Exams.