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My Name is Chandradip Sarkar, Currently I am serving as a senior Faculty to ABC Academy of Civil Services. I used to teach at New Delhi in one of the most reputed IAS institutes and still associated with them. I would like to share to you how an event that changed my life forever
Let me share something to all of you , In last 2016 I was in West Bengal , in my Hometown Berhampore. Although it was not the first time but the difference was I was in a Month Leave as I was helping my dad for repairing my house. One day , I had went to the Railway Station with my wife ( engaged not married ) for some reason and was waiting in front of the Gate of Berhampore Station under a tree. Then Suddenly a white, fat , boy approached me. The boy was in a green BSA Supreme bicycle and when he saw me , he approached me and asked , " I heard that you give guidance for UPSC , can you help me ? ".
I was astonished and shocked both at a same time, mainly due to two reasons. First of all , I didn't expect that I can hear even a whisper of UPSC from a such a cute little small town Of Berhampore , Second reason was Generally I don’t share very specifically what I do for a living with people and was shocked to hear how did he knew ? I then asked him, “ Who informed you about this ? “. He replied “ Your Friend Asif told me that you teach for UPSC in New Delhi“.
Actually Asif is a very close friend of mine, May be he has shared the information about me with him. The Boy was standing , I was looking at him for once and my Wife Maam once. Then I told the boy “ Okay , I would like to talk to you later about this “. We exchanged phone numbers and I asked him to leave since it was neither the right time, nor the right place to conclude upon anything.
I looked at my Wife and asked her “ What do I do ? “. She Said nothing and just smiled. I was going to tell her something related to it, but heard the whistle of the Iron Giant ( The Railway ). She gave me a ‘ bye ‘ and hurried towards the Platform. I was sitting on my bike and was looking at her till the time her Green Dupatta and pink Salwar Disappeared in the crowd of passengers.
I know my wife quite well. Sometimes she doesn’t reply to anything and smiles. But whenever she gives that smile, I lay confused. May be this is the difference between a Shaivite ( Me ) and Vaishnavite ( She ). Jokes Apart let’s come to the real deal.
That afternoon I went home , I had my lunch and then I went for some rest but the boy’s face was still sketched in my memory. I looked at my cell phone, I didn’t save his name, just etched it on the dial log. The whole day was spent remembering the incident at the Railway Station.
At night, She called me. I asked her what shall I do ?, She said – Call him and meet him. Tell him to come at any evening and first check how far he needs your help. Without giving a second thought, I send a text to that boy to meet me tomorrow evening near Berhampore Civil Court. The next day, 7pm in the evening, I went to meet him, I remember clearly, he came in his bicycle and we sat under a porch in those the empty benches. This is one of the busiest part of the city in day, but in the evening it’s like a grand old man, sitting all alone, smoking his last cigarette and waiting for someone to tell his story.
I was hearing him, He was telling his problems , that he want to prepare for UPSC , but can’t afford to go to Delhi and was not getting good guidance etc. After hearing his problems, I came back and told him to visit me in my house in the Monday Evening. I came back to my home that night and got a little bit busy with affairs due to sudden arrival of few Guests in the house.
Then came the Monday of , it was 5:00 pm in the evening. He came to my house. I told him to sit in my Library. I started with Indian Polity. Since I knew from before that The boy, used to read in a coaching previously, so I was explaining him the concepts. I have a habit of asking questions to keep the students mind alive while teaching. But when I was doing so ? I saw an anomaly. I realized that he was good with information’s but his conceptual base is very fragile. Generally this doesn’t happen. Information’s are like part of the concepts it comes along in a manner how genes are in DNA. But this was a severe abnormality.
I thought maybe he got some wrong guidance or maybe he studied in a wrong way. In a week his three friends joined the class. I saw the same problem in all the three. That was the day I was shocked, confused and literally my brain came to a dead stop , because I was unable to find what the issue is. One day I called them , and asked them how they were taught early ? and what they said was not only Shocking, but also really embarrassing. They told in every class, the teacher’s teaching was like translating a book. He used to come to class, with a book in his hand, read it from book and translate it. Then he used to tell the students, to learn by heart information’s and make them solve MCQ’s blindly. The model was like Commit the information’s and Vomit in the Examination’s.
This kind of Model is not only Suicidal but also deadly for others , because this type of model literally kills someone’s brain , kills his processing power and turns his brain in to biological hard drive. Moreover it brings severe Frustration in the hearts of the student. Civil Service takes time, near about 1.5 to 2 years minimum. If someone has to tolerate such model for so many months, maybe he turns into Stone. Then if he manages to qualify the exam also under such model, he can’t be an efficient officer, since his processing power has got doomsday. I knew that moment of time how much damage is happening to our State’s Human resource Industry under this model. That very night in my room, I was all alone, the Lights were off, The green light of the pygmy lamp was trying its level best to kill the darkness but was unable to do it. I lit up a Cigarette and was Thinking about it. One Thing I knew from the core of my heart, that if I need to guide him, I need to guide him properly, just telling few names of books or newspaper or taking few casual classes won’t make it happen, and solve his issue. The guidance need to disciplined and Time-framed.

But there was few serious problems -
I was working in Delhi ( very far from WB )
I had an extremely busy schedule
My teaching techniques are completely different, never to match up with here
My medium was English and most students here are Bengali
I cannot quit my job, since it pays me very well and can’t compromise with socio-economic security
Bla Bla Bla Bla, 100’s of reasons…

The reasons of not leaving my present comfortable job was much more convincing that to stay in West Bengal and giving Tuitions. But the thought that was haunting me the most that, I had all the talents and resource to help him for UPSC, I knew that Even in Pan-West Bengal Basis, good guidance for UPSC is rarely available. I was able to help but cannot. How can I let someone suffocate, when I have the inhaler in my hand? I was feeling guilty, confused and messed up.
That was the longest night, I spent with guilt etched haunting memory. Time was Running Slow acupuncturing me with embarrassing thoughts. I was often placing myself in the boy’s situation and that was the most embarrassing moment I felt. I was questioning myself – if I were him? What would I do? It takes real courage to take up such a decision in life to leave everything and prepare for UPSC. Since we often call it jokingly as Unpredictable Service Commission. I was unable to decide what to do? .
I remember that night, I Called my Wife, and told her everything, I then asked her What shall I do ? She the replied. ‘ Go for it, help him’ . That point of time my wife was not in govt. service, all we got is my Job. If I quit my job, our marriage can come in question ?, I again asked her to think and answer , but she spontaneously replied the same. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. May be at the core of my heart I was wising to help him. The next morning I was a little confident, but let me tell you, the final verdict was still not given, i.e from my Mom and Dad.
I called my dad, it was a beautiful morning and we sat for a tea. I have a habit that, if I cant express anything, I write it on Paper and give it to my dad. I wrote the whole issue on the paper, I folded it and placed it in my dad’s table in his bedroom. After an hour or two he called me and told me to go to the drawing room and wait. I remember , I was sitting in the sofa and was biting my nails in tension of his reply. He entered the room with a face of a mixed expression which was too cold. He sat beside me. Placed his hand on my shoulder and said – ‘ If you are not serving your community, you cannot serve anyone, whatever happens I am always with you ‘ . That was all I needed . That moment was a moment of Unexplained feelings, that can only be felt but can’t be expressed. That was the day ABC Started ( APPROACH, BASE , CONCEPT ) , We are now doing pretty well in Our field, serving the Community to its best possible means. Thanks a lot to all Students and X-Students of ABC and all those who have stayed with me in hard times and good times.
I just want to conclude in one Single line – “ NO RISK NO GAIN “ and “ KNOW RISK KNOW GAIN “.. All you need is to choose, I chose the second one? you decide your own ?
Now in due time, I am married, My wife is in Govt. Service and ABC has grown. It has now a footprint which is enhancing day by day.
A million Thanks to All of you, the Students and The Whole Team of IAS Faculties, New Delhi ( Specially Awadh Ojha and G Rabbani)for making ABC Successful , Bless us, and also point our limitations time to time so that we can improve, Sir without you, I couldn’t have done anything, I Owe my life to you .

Thanks and Regards,
Chandradip Sarkar
( Director, ABC Academy of Civil Services )

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